MPR x THE IMAGINARIUM: Golden Fleece Airpod Purselet

  • $ 230.00

Crocheted mini airpod holder purselet and pendant in 18k yellow gold-plated curb chain finished with an 18" and 36" gold detachable purse strap that doubles as a necklace and a longer crossbody chain strap.


Length around neck: 20"

Purselet/Pendant: 2" x .05 x 2.25"

Detachable Purselet Strap/Necklace: 18" length with double clasp

Crossbody Strap/Long Necklace: 36" length in gold stainless steel chain


Composition: 1mm golden curb chain with stainless steel chain short and long straps/detachable necklaces.

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See this piece in action here:


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