Materials: What's in my MPR Jewelry?

MPR Jewelry is made from nylon-coated stainless steel cable and a mix of gemstones finished with 14k gold fill and sterling or argentium silver (more tarnish-resistant than sterling silver!). 

We hand fabricate in 14k gold fill for our ear hooks and details- it is tarnish and wear-resistant so no need to polish or re-plate like costume jewelry! We use argentium and sterling silver for our silver ear hooks and details- less tarnishing and hypoallergenic!

Our clasps are neodyminium rare earth magnet super strong clasps set in sterling silver or 14k gold fill. Each necklace is then finished with crystal clear quartz rondelles at the clasp to help pull magnet apart.



The cable is a soft, woven stainless steel cable that is woven from 49 microscopic strands of steel wire and then coated with 24k yellow gold, sterling silver, gunmetal, rose gold, or black and bronze coatings and then finished with a protective layer of nylon. This makes the cable super strong and pliable and we're able to form structures that can be squished but bounce back and have memory. The pieces end up being uber lightweight as well as collapsible for travel.


And we love mixing the cable with fine metals like 14k gold fill, argentium, and sterling silver. This makes the jewelry fine and hypoallergenic.
Argentium is a tarnish-resistant alloy of sterling silver that is easy to care for which mean less polishing!
14k gold fill is bonded 14k gold to base metal that is 20 times thicker and more durable than plated metal. It's fabulous to wear because you don't need to worry about polishing it, just cleaning your ear hooks with alchohol wipes for cleanliness.
We use natural semi-precious gemstones like freshwater pearls, lapis, amethyst, and tourmalines woven throughout each piece. We love doing fun gemstone combos and do a lot of special customizations for you! Need something special? Contact us for specials at
Check out our Jewelry Care page for more information about our pieces, how to put on our earring backings, how to use our magnet clasps, travel tips, and more!