Exclamation Hook Earrings

  • $ 100.00

Long and elegant, the Exclamation earrings are the perfect punctuation for any fashion statement.

 Flexible, light woven stainless steel mini cable finished with nylon for a smooth feel. Each piece is hand finished with little accents of sterling silver and/or 14k gold-filled as well as a choice of semi-precious stones.

LENGTH: 2.5"

HOOKS: 14k gold filled or sterling silver 


  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Travel-Friendly with metal memory (the pieces are collapsible and can return to shape after a crushing)
  • Customizable with stones and color choices

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Exclamation Hooks with Stones: https://www.meghanpatriceriley.com/products/exclamation-hook-with-stones?_pos=3&_sid=b273a844d&_ss=r

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If you don’t see the colors or finish that you envision, email us at info@meghanpatriceriley.com for customization options.

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