Crown City- White Gold

  • $ 60.00

Headband with gold-tipped white translucent sprays formed from zip ties. Mounted on a metal headband, can also be worn as a neckpiece/choker! Double up for a greay layered effect.

Height: 10"


From the special collection titled Flower Power after the term coined in Berkeley, CA as a symbol of peaceful protest.
This collection was borne out of experiments with materials, in particular zip ties, during COVID-19. Without access to the studio, invention and experimentation has been key in developing new designs and collections.
100% of proceeds from this collection will be donated to 1 of 4 organizations promoting equitable opportunities in the arts as well as long-term systemic change. You choose where your donation goes!

The 4 organizations selected for this collection are:

1) NYC Jewelry Week (NYCJW) Here We Are

2) Crafting the Future

3) Color of Change

4) The Loveland Foundation

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